Malaysia, Do You Really Need It?

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To all of you who are looking for kitchen cabinets in Malaysia, glossy cabinets are getting more and more popular in the market. However, do you really need something shiny and glossy in your kitchen?

Well, to be honest, if you are really into using your kitchen, you might need to consider about that again. It is true that glossy kitchen will immediately make your kitchen looks classy. You might even become the topic of the night when you are having your open house.

However, when the compliments subside, you will have to worry about taking care of your cabinets as glossy surfaces are easily scratch. So, you can't pull anything on your kitchen top and you have put things gently on your kitchen top. If you are careless, you will definitely 'wound' your kitchen cabinet. Imagine looking at the deep scratch on your cabinets everyday and you can't do anything about it.

Bottom line, it can be a high maintenance to keep your kitchen cabinet glossy.

However, you won't be facing any hassle like this when you don't visit your kitchen frequently. You might not even move what you put on the kitchen top for a long time. While light scratches are inevitable, you can always ignore them (just close one eye lar, like how we Malaysian say it).

So, Malaysia, think about how you are going to use your kitchen before you decide to go for the latest trend.


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