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By: Natural Wholesome Enterprise  02-03-2012
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  成分 Ingredients :
Radical Lobelia / Lobelia chinensis   半边莲     Also known as Banbianlian. It can promote urination, reduce edema, clear heat, resolve toxicity, reduce swelling and relieve pain. It is also good for enteritis, jaundice, conjunctivitis, eczema as well for external use like relieve snake venom, injury, swelling & bleeding.   半边莲为桔梗菜属植物半边莲的全草,有清热解毒,消肿止痛的功能,主治细菌性痢疾,急性肠炎,黄疸型肝炎,结膜炎,湿疹,外用治铁打肿痛,外伤出血,毒蛇咬伤等。

Green Chiretta / Andrographis paniculata   穿心莲   As febrifuge, detoxicant, antiphlogistic & analgesic agent. It can helps to cure tonsillitis, pharyngitis, epidemic parotitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, pertussis.   穿心莲为爵床科穿心莲属植物穿心莲的全草,有清热解毒,消肿止痛的功能,主治扁桃体炎,咽喉炎,流行性腮腺炎,支气管炎,肺炎,百日咳。

Spilanthes acmella   天文草 It can detoxify and clear internal heat, stop coughing and prevent inflammation. Suitable for treating malaria fever, toothache, enteritis, dysentery, asthma, whooping cough & tuberculosis. It can be applied externally to relieve pain for snake-bite & dog-bite.   天文草为菊科金纽扣属植物天文草的全草,有解毒利湿,止咳定喘,消肿止痛的功能,主治疟疾,牙痛,肠炎,痢疾,咳嗽,哮喘,百日咳,肺结咳,外用治毒咬伤,狗咬伤,痛结肿毒等。

Quantity per Package   每包装的数量: 25 tea bags茶袋 x 3 gm克

Keywords: Herbs

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