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By: Magic Consultancy  14-02-2011
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Information regarding SME Business Loan

1.    Loan amount: max RM 3 million

2.    Tenure: 3 to 5 years

3.    Interest: BLR + 1/2/3%

Business More than 3 years

You may ask any questions regarding Malaysia SME Business Loan.....

General Information to apply business loan

1. Company must more than 2 years
2. Sales at least 50,000 per month
3. Late Payment for any installment not more than 2 months. BETTER pay ON TIME
4. Loan Amont: min 100,000 to 3 million
5. Loan Tenure: 3 to 5 years
6. House is NOT ALLOWed to get business loan

For those fulfill the requirement above & before you ask any questions regarding your company SME Business Loan
, please provide the following question:

1. How long you company? eg, since 2002
2. What is your business? eg, selling waterbed
3. Where is your business? eg, KL
4. How much money sales? eg, 200,000 per month
5. Pay any installement ONTIME? eg, car loan, ON TIME, sometime, may be late 1 month only
6. then, your question????? or problem?????

THanks for your collaboration

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