ONP - Portal Framework and Publisher

By: Mimir Sdn Bhd  21-05-2011
Keywords: Content Management System, Content management solution, Portal framework

The company portal is the technological framework for electronic cooperation and sharing of information in your business. Communities and channels of important topics can easily be created within the portal. These communities can be tailored to contain services and necessary information for effective coordination and execution of the company’s work. Interesting examples are: news, calendar, discussions, documents, search, booking, and CRM. Portals are flexible and can be administered and personalized of and for each user.
User friendliness
ONP is developed with user friendliness in mind. Simple functions like publishing and construction of pages are performed in a manner people with little or no knowledge of computers can comprehend.  Advanced functionality naturally demands higher knowledge, but is developed in such a way that non-technological personnel can perform all tasks.
ONP has a flexible access control system making it easy to administer privileges for all users. Existing user databases like LDAP and ActiveDirectory can easily be utilized by ONP.
As before said, ONP is a 100% web based tool. This means that all users can reach the portal from anywhere as long as they have access to an Internet browser. Encryption is highly recommended if intra- or extranet is accessed. 
ONP is a pure JAVA based product. We believe in “less-is-more” and don’t build in abstraction and multi tier architecture if not well founded. The most common platform is Linux using Apache2 as web server, Tomcat/JBoss as application server and PostgreSQL as database.
Everything in ONP can coexist in different languages. The administrative interface can be translated to any language. All written content can be translated by the user to languages defined for the specific site.

Keywords: Content management solution, Content Management System, Portal framework