MGO Ecoflex ( Magnesium Oxide Board / MGO Board )

By: MGO Board Marketing Sdn. Bhd.  06-09-2009
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MGO Ecoflex™ is a new and exciting product that revolutionizing the construction and building industry with remarkable success and quickly defining as the future of cement-based boards, it does not contain asbestos and manufactured from nonflammable materials including magnesium chloride, magnesia, alkali endured epoxy glass cloth, perlite, and recycled wood dust. MGO Ecoflex™ is manufactured under an effective system of testing, control and monitoring, conforming to requirements under SIRIM’s product Certification License.

MGO Ecoflex™ is an exceptionally high quality, eco-friendly, light weight construction board that is suitable for both internal and external application at domestic and/or commercial building construction projects. It is suitable for a wide range of general building board usages and for applications requiring a fire rating applications. Its high mechanical strength and resistance to abrasion add to its appeal as an extremely versatile and cost effective alternative to existing applications.

Main Properties 
Green and environment friendly
● Free of asbestos
● Non-toxic material making it safe when cutting and installing
● Deemed to be CO2 (greenhouse gas)emission friendly, it is removed from ore at about 25% of the temperature (400-800 °F) required to form CaO, the starting material for the preparation of slaked lime or portlandite used in common mortar and plaster.

Fire resistance 
● MGO Ecoflex™ has been tested under SIRIM QAS in accordance with BS476; Fire test on building material and structure.
(1)  BS476 : Part 6 : 1989 (Fire Propagation)
(2)  BS476 : Part 7 : 1997 (Surface Spread of Flame)

Water resistance
● Excellent dampness prevention performance, resistant to deformation in wet environments Impact resistant
● High impact resistant and tensile strength, better than other similar products such as gypsum board, cement board and standard wood sheathing products.

Against mold and termites
● Protection against mould, insects and termites
● reduces the amount of energy required to maintain comfortable living environments

Heat insulation
● Thermal conductivity less than 0.213W/MK, has an excellent heat insulation performance

Sound insulation
● Sound attenuation >44dB

● Easy to handle and install
● No special tools required

Keywords: Building Material, Construction Materials, Mgo Board, Partition,

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