Oven & Incubator

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By: Progressive Scientific Sdn Bhd  19-05-2012
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Provided For Desiccation, Wax-melting Laboratories and Scientific Research Institutes.

Oven & Incubator
A3555 - Shaker Incubator SI-100 Smith
A2449 - Oven SO-50, +5C to +220C x +/-1.0C 1200W
A2448 - Incubator SI-50,+50C to +65C x +/-0.1C,300W Lc
A2815 - Incubator +50C to +65C x +/-0.1C,300W Cn
A3037 - Incubator Heating DHP-9032 35L 200W+5+65ºC,34x32x32cm
A3038 - Incubator Heating DHP-9052 50L 250W+5+65ºC,41.5x36x35.5cm
A3643 - Incubator Heating DHP-9162 160L 550W+5+65ºC,50x50x65cm
A3016 - Oven Drying DHG-9030A 30L 850W +10+250ºC,34x32x32cm
A3017 - Oven Drying DHG-9023A 35L 850W +10+250ºC,34x32.5x32cm
A3018 - Oven Drying DHG-9053A 50L 1100W+10+250ºC,42x39.5x35cm
A3035 - Oven Drying DHG-9070A 80L 1550W+10+250ºC,45x40x45cm
A3019 - Oven Drying DHG-9123A 136L 2050W+10+250ºC,55x45x55cm
A3622 - Oven Drying BPG-7032Cr 32L 600W +10+200ºC,33X31X33CM, Stainless Steel
A3852 - Oven Drying BPH-7032Cr
A3623 - Oven Drying BPH-7052Cr
A3624 - Oven Drying BPH-7092Cr
A3118 - Oven Drying/Incubator PH-030(A) 30L 850W+10+250ºC,34x32x32cm
A3036 - Oven Drying/Incubator PH-050(A) 50L 1100W+10+250ºC,42x39.5x35cm
A0776 - Oven memmert UM-100
A0777 - Oven memmert UM-200

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