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By: Online Feng Shui practitioners  08-10-2009
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These are the steps you must take.

Step 1: House period  What is house period?

Step 2: House facing  What is house facing?

Step 3: Plot your feng shui chart with Flying star & 8 mansions Feng Shui analyser

Step 4: Analyse the chart. make sure you score more than 3 stars.

See if your house favor wealth, health or both. Worst if not of these. Once the overall feng shui is auspicious
any ostacles are much easier to cure. Do not choose a house or office which score 2 stars or less.

Step 5: House feng shui 8 mansions chart.

Most important sector are (the general selection rule)

Heavenly Doctor, Tian Yi your wealth sector. Make sure there is no missing wealth corner and your toilet is not here.
Air conditioners in the wealth sector is great.

Six Killings, Liu Sha your relation sector.
You need this not because you want ex-marital problems but in modern days we all talk and communicate with people everyday.

5 Ghost, Wu Gui. This is your most distrasous sector; sickness, bad luck, disputes, and etc.
Your main door and kitchen is very unfavorable here. We called a house as "Dispute house" when 5 Ghost,
Wu Gui arrive at the main door. No air conditioners allowed here. Missing 5 Ghost,
Wu Gui corner is good. If kitchen is located at 5 Ghost, Wu Gui, Kitchen belong to fire element.
It will brings complication to your health involving heart, eyes, skin, blood circulation.

The rest of the bad sector sound bad but not necessary bad for everyone.
for more go to

Step 6: Routine. Print out the chart. Keep in mind which sectors are favorable and which are not.

Step 7: Watchout for our monthly
(at )

and yearly feng shui arrangement

You have just finished fengshui-ed your home or office. You see, it is simple isn't it.
If you need help use our ask master fengshui section at

Sample of audited cases (with the permission from the real houses' owner) at

Keywords: Astrology, Feng Shui, Feng Shui Bedroom

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