By: Maxinius Sdn Bhd  20-12-2010
Keywords: Document Management, Document Management System

TOTAL INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (TIMS) is a complete document management system, which regardless of the size of your organization and industry you are in, solves all your needs relating to data creation, retention, distribution, retrieval and security.

TIMS combines all aspects of traditional document management systems with added advantages such as dynamic and secure file sharing, systematic document classification and storage, robust search engine as well as document lifecycle tracking. Simply, this well thought-about system assists you and your resources to manage all types of incoming, work in progress and outgoing documents in an easy to use and secure repository. Its personalized dashboard assists the accessing and tracking of documents unique to each staff. Another unique aspect of TIMS is it is a central repository for all types and sources of documents including emails, faxes and other documents that you use every day. TIMS also comes with a database management repository to store lists of company information.

The most compelling feature of TIMS is its ability to protect and secure your data from data corruption, loss and theft. Whether it is one document or many, TIMS allows users to set permission settings and because all the data is stored in a platform-independent central repository, securing the data is easier and back up of data is faster. This results in faster uptime should you have a glitch in any of your IT systems. All documents in TIMS automatically encrypted so outsiders will not be able to access the documents.

TIMS is arguably the most cost effective, easy to use and self maintain document management system. With the 24 hour standby maintenance, the TIMS system is easy to use and maintain on your own so you are not reliant on any IT provider resulting in greater efficiency, a more productive working environment and happier clients. This virtually plug-and-play system also has unique technologies to ensure that your set-up and migration of historical data is a breeze.

Keywords: Document Management, Document Management System