High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification,Oil Reconditioning

High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification,Oil Reconditioning from AK Transformer Oil Purifier Sdn Bhd

By: AK Transformer Oil Purifier Sdn Bhd  02-07-2011
Keywords: Oil Purification, Oil Recycling, Oil Regeneration

Why is Regeneration necessary?

As oil ages in a transformer it oxidises and begins to break down. Some of the by-products of this degradation are:
Oil purification forms an important part of regular preventative maintenance. In the process of purification, water, dirt and gasses are removed from the Oil.
Dielectric Strength: Improvement of dielectric strength of up to 70kV with new oil. Water Removal: From 50 PPM down to 5 PPM in a single pass and to 3 PPM in two passes. Gas Removal:  From fully saturated with air (10 to 12% by volume) down to less than 0.1%. Particle Removal: 98% of particles over 0.5 microns.
1) Advanced dehydrating and degassing system that uses large area three-dimensional flash distillation technique to remove harmful composition in the oil such as water, air and gas.  
2) It can be widely used for oil filling for transformers and circuit breakers under vacuum condition.  
3) Precise filtration system,high-quality filter element,multi-stage filtration with gradual precision can help to remove mechanical impurities in the oil. 
4) An advanced fully automatic temperature controlling system,liquid-level controlling system,defoaming controlling system,pressure protecting system and excellent configuration can ensure operation of the equipment with high performance. 
5) Online work,allowing separated operation of manual operators from machine with lamps indicating the condition for operation.  
6) It is humanization design with low noise,deep purification and long time free maintenance to save cost from the running process.  
7) Purifiers are equipped with a chain safety protective system,an interlocking of oil drainage system,vacuum system and heating system,which avoids any possible negative impacts caused by mal-operation.

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