Mas Cotek

Mas Cotek from Borneo Discovery Magazine

By: Borneo Discovery Magazine  12-08-2010
Keywords: documentary, Herbal Cure, Medicinal Plant

Sabah tropical rain forest is unique with large biodiversity of valuable plants and animals. The discovery of herbal plants in these jungles and in particular Mas Cotek, is slowly receiving international recognition for its medicinal values and health benefits. Based on the traditional knowledge, Mas Cotek  leaves possess characteristics of  human reproductive organ and in particular for the female fertility treatment.

Mas Cotek has been scientifically researched by two local institution, the University Malaya and the Malaysian Planting Research Institute (MARDI). Research result shows that Masa Cotek possess five (5) active components which are required by the human body namely flavanoid, tannins, tritopnoids, proanthocyanins and phenols. These active components is medically shown to assist in human memory and was used by doctors to treat patients with disability in  mental concentration.. In addition, Mas Cotek helps to assist the effectiveness of vitamin C  in controlling nitric oxide and blood circulation. Mas Cotek  protects the heart, in thee (3) ways, prevent blood clot, control LDL ( bad cholesterol) oxygenation and reduce blood pressure.

Keywords: documentary, Herbal Cure, Medicinal Plant