COUGAR Point Of Sales System

Keywords: Casio(R) Electronic Cash Register

Cougar POS Retail Management is a powerful but affordable Point of Sales application developed using the latest technology. It emphasise on providing an easy to use windows friendly interface that makes working with our POS System more pleasant and easier. Besides the easy to navigate menus and rich features, our Cougar POS System is an integrated POS solutions that combined the following modules:
 • Point-of-Sales System (FrontPos)
 • Merchandising and Inventory Control System (POS Office)
 • Integrated Membership Loyalty Module
 • Multi Store Sales Polling via Web-base (FTP) or Direct Modem Connection (PSTN)
 • Mobile Messager: Utilises the Mobile SMS Service to Send Daily Sales Figure
 • PDA Document Tracker: Stock Take, Stock Receive, Stock Return, Stock Transfer, Sales Order and Delivery Order PDA Price Checker
 • Accounting Link Module
 • Barcode Label Printing

Its dynamic design combined with its flexibility and reliability means that it could give your business an edge in the retail industries.  

Point of Sales
• Secure cashier log in and log out with password level and magnetic card scanning
• Product, User and Customer Photo Identification
• Fast Tender, Suspend and Recall keys
• Counter-Floating Function for Suspend/Recall Transactions
• Sales Order with Deposit Key Tracking
• Multiple Promoter per Receipt with Auto-Prompt Feature
• Attribute & Size Matrice for Easy Input of Sales Item
• Item Quantity and Price Lookup Function
• Multiple Discount Level(Item and Subtotal Discount)
• Price Level Switching
• Instant Customer Summary
• Best Seller Reports
• Customer Point Collection and Redemption Reports
• Comprehensive POS Reports and Summaries
• Extra Users Add-On Customizable Reports

Touch POS for Cashier Terminal
• New !!! Support Touch Screen for Front Cashier
• Easy Upgrading for existing users - Compatible with current system
• POS Back Office (backend) is retained - only change keyboard to touch at cashier terminal
• User is familiar with system as most functions are exported over
• 100% Users customisable screen layout - hot item keys, functions, fast payments, departments, etc
• Minimise pop-up - transactions can be done using one screen ( from scan item to payment)Account Receivable Module with Membership Loyalty Programme
• Individual Customer Account
• Points and Gifts Redemption
• Customers Sales Tracking
• Customers Pricing and Discounts
• User-Friendly Customer Enquiry Screen to Track Customer Spending Habit
• Integrated Backend DO and Frontpos Sales Processing
• Customers Listing and Summary Reports
• Comprehensive Reports on Customers Points Collection
• Comprehensive AR Reports on Customer Collection/Statement of Accounts

Cougar POS Office
• Unlimited Item, User, Customer and Company Photo storage
• 3 types of product lookup capabilities: PLU Code, Barcode and ALU Code
• Stores Long Description, Short Description and Other Descriptions
• 5-tiered Item Analysis: By Supplier, By Brand, By Department, By Group, and By Category
• Unlimited Price Level
• Multi-Location Stock Control
• Attribute and Size Function with Easy to Use Matrix Input Table
• Item Packaging/Production Function
• Controls Mix and Match Operations
• Item Expiration Date Tracking
• Controllable Markup and Markdown Margin Display
• Item Promotion By Date and Timer Range
• Point Calculation Based on Item/Total Amount
• Controllable # of Receipt Print
• Controllable Quantity of Item Per Receipt
• Stock Alert and Reorder Report
• Auto-Generate Sales Order Based on Quotation
• Auto-Generate Delivery Order Based on Sales Order
• Auto-Generate Purchase Order Based on Stock Alert/Reorder Level
• Auto-Generate Stock Receiving Based on Purchase Orders
• Journal Reports With and Without PLU Details
• Stock Balance Report with Multi-Store/Attr & Size Format
• Extra Users Add-On Customizable Reports

Keywords: Casio(R) Electronic Cash Register



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