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By: Pest Aside Pest Control Services Sdn Bhd  06-02-2017
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Pest Control Solutions: PAPCSSB offers a range of Pest Control Solutions targeted towards the identification, prevention and eradicating of general pests including: • Rats/Mice • Cockroaches • Ants • Termites • Mosquitoes • Flies • Bedbugs • Fleas • Snakes • Bees/Hornets • Stored Product Insects PAPCSSB provides an integrated range of Pest Control solutions, options and methods for dealing with each of the pests listed above. Solutions may include: • Residual Spraying • Gel Baiting • Glue Board Traps • Rat Baiting • Carcass Removal • Odour Removal • Larviciding • Light Traps • Sulphur Laying • ULV Misting & Fogging To identify the best solution for your pest problems, PAPCSSB will conduct a site inspection before proposing the solutions that the Client requires. Termites are a risk for any Client that has a property (landed or high-rise) with exposed or concealed timber. In the event that termites do attack, they are able to cause structural damage that in many cases, will places a property in jeopardy even before a termite problem is uncovered by the Client. Termite Control Services differ depending on the Clients’ requirement: Preventive Termite Control The purpose of Preventive Termite Control is to prevent termites from becoming a pest by nesting or attacking a Clients asset. Preventive Termite Control may require the installation of In-Ground (IG) Baiting Stations that are regularly monitored, or the application of termiticides in the soil beneath the built-up structure by drilling through the floor slab and injecting the termiticides into the soil beneath the built-up structure. All Preventive Termite Control Services performed by PAPCSSB include scheduled follow-up site inspections to ensure that termites that to detect termites before they reach the Clients asset or surroundings and if detected, are eliminated. Termite Elimination & Colony Control Termite Elimination & Colony Control is for Clients that have an active termite problem. This service is based upon the elimination of all active termites by using a combination of Above-Ground (AG) Baiting Stations and In-Ground (IG) Monitoring Stations. Termite Elimination may also include direct applications of termiticides into areas with termite activity within a structure, or directly into the soil beneath the built-up structure by drilling the concrete slab and injecting the termiticides into the soil beneath the structure. Regardless of the termiticides used by PAPCSSC, they are designed for the Termites themselves to transfer the active ingredient back to their colony, which in turn will infect the entire colony and eliminate it. Termite Elimination & Colony Control will include follow-up site inspections until the site is free of active termites. Once the site is free of termites, the frequency of site inspections will reduce and focus on protecting the Clients site against reinfestation. Pre-Construction Preventative Termite Solution Pre-Construction Anti-Termite Preventative Termite Solution is a preventive measure that should take place prior to the construction of any structure. This service involves the application of termiticides on the soil before the casting of the structure’s slab occurs. The termiticides applied will bind with the soil that is beneath the property and form a termiticidal-barrier that will prevent termites by eliminating them when they pass through the soil beneath the structure that has been treated. All Termite Control Services performed by PAPCSSB carry a warranty protecting the Client against future termite infestation. Termite Control Solutions:

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