Quality Criteria for Maxprint Ink Jet Ink

Quality Criteria for Maxprint  Ink Jet Ink from Hi-Profile Achievement Sdn Bhd

By: Hi-Profile Achievement Sdn Bhd  04-01-2009
Keywords: Ciss, refill ink

Ink jet ink may be stored in cartridges for several months before being passed through tiny, sensitives nozzles with thermal for mechanical stress, in order to form doplets of define sizes and shape, therefore colourants for ink jet printing ink have to meets quality criteria:

Our Special MISS ink Strong Advantages:

1. Our Ink Is special Taiwan formulate MISS ink.
2. This Special MISS ink can More Last Longer expose in the Air ! (Cause tank is open 24 hours)
3. The special MISS ink is set High surface tension to provide reliable droplet formation and ink flow !
4. Special MISS ink is under excellent filterablity down to 0.2um filter pores, Prevent Print Head Clog, Extreme freedom from coarse particular matter.
5. Low salt content and acid content protect printhead and nozzle corrosion, means print more last longer
6. Our ink not formulate with solvent, Our Ink No Bad Smell, No Bubbles and No Pollution !

Maxprint MISS ink = Heavy Duty ink for CISS

CISS / 잉크연속 공급장치 / Непрерывное систему подачи чернил / ชุดเติมหมึกอัตโนมัติ ink tank / Système d'encre continu / Bulk ink Sistema continuo / Dauerdrucksystem / インク連続供給システム / लगातार आपूर्ति प्रणाली स्याही / Συνεχής σύστημα τροφοδοσίας μελανιού / Sistemas Alimentación Continua / كيبك بالجمله البيع نظام حبر / الحبر العرض المستمر لنظام / Flusso continuo CISS / Sistema De Tinta Continuo / Continu inkttoevoer systeem / Kontinuerlig bläck försörjningssystem / Непрекъснато мастило система / Kontinuerlig blæk forsyningssystem / Plynulé zásobování inkoustem systém / Continua inchiostro sistema di approvvigionamento / Continua el sistema de suministro de tinta / Continuous tinta sistema de abastecimento / Sistem de aprovizionare continuă cu cerneală

Keywords: Ciss, refill ink

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