" Monsopiad Cultural Village" Tour

" Monsopiad Cultural Village" Tour from EQUATOR ADVENTURE TOURS

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Monsopiad is regarded as the most celebrated warrior amongst the Kadazandusun, the largest indigenous tribe in Sabah.  Traditionally rice cultivators living on the west coast and interior plains, the Kadazandusun are known for their peace-loving nature and hospitality.

Monsopiad would, however, be an exception as he became the one warrior in the village of Kuai-Kandazon to retaliate against thugs who made continuous raids on his village.  His total tally was 42 heads before he himself was eventually set upon by his own people to quell his blood lust.

The Monsopiad Cultural Village was created to honour the heroic deeds of this warrior in defending his people. Model traditional houses, displays depicting the daily life of the Kadazandusun in the past, traditional music and dance performance and a visit to the “House of Skulls” where the ‘trophies’ of Monsopiad are hung from the rafters are highlights of this half day tour.

Rice wine making, blowpipe demonstration and local handicraft making are demonstrated at specific model houses.

The cultural village is located about 30 minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu through the scenic village countryside of Penampang district.  Built on the very site where Monsopiad was born, the village is managed by his direct descendants who are keen to preserve their historical lineage for future generations

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