SLG440 Syntherm Open Gear Grease

SLG440 Syntherm Open Gear Grease from SLOILS LUBRICATION

Keywords: Industrial Supplies, Lubes and oils specialties

A solid-film viscous semi-synthetic grease formulated for heavy duty operation of open gears

A adhesive tacky compound with exceptional stay-put characteristics. It provides good shock loads protection, reduces noise, and prevents scoring, plowing or welding of open gears.
Assures satisfying values in resisting high varying impact loads, environment contamination and
extreme temperature. It provides strong absorption for shock loads - the greatest cause of wear in open gears. It is designed to always stay in place under the worst operating conditions of water-dirt-mud, reducing frictions and wears and offers distinctive excellent protection.
Exceptional strong mechanical stability and its non dropping point are designed to provide long life protection against corrosion, contamination and thermal degradation. It is the grease designed for today heavy duty open gears and it helps to reduce most misalignment problems of industrial open gears.
Also used as water resistance shafts and bushing grease for tractors, excavators and farm tractors.

Keywords: Industrial Supplies, Lubes and oils specialties



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