SL88 Silicone Grease

SL88 Silicone Grease from SLOILS LUBRICATION

Keywords: Industrial Supplies, Silicone, Silicone Grease

A high purity silicone grease which provides the essential protection for assembling, lubricating and sealing purposes. It is premium formulated to resist thermal degradation and researched long life non-melting lubricant which does not hardened and carbonized , dry-out or melt after 1000 working hrs at 200C. Delivers excellent rust and corrosion protection. It is water repellent and its low evaporation rate and thermal stability offer excellent protection to bearings, almost any type of oven or tenter frames, lithographed or enameled metal baking ovens and universal purposes where extreme temperature and high speed are determinated factors. Rated as an advance oxidation resistance grease and its zero bleeding formulation making it is suitable for wide applications. It is compatible with paints, PVC and other thermoplastic and polystyrene materials which successfully enhance its values for use in telecommunication, electronic manufacturing plants and plastic industries. It promotes long lubrication life because of distinstively resistance to acids, alkalis and solvent, showing superior cohesiveness and tenacity in work. For use as mounting transistors, diodes, rectifiers and resistors in electrical and electronic plants.

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