SL77 Food Machinery H1 White Grease

SL77 Food Machinery H1 White Grease from SLOILS LUBRICATION

Keywords: Industrial Supplies, Lubes and oils specialties, Food Grade White grease,

Multi purpose non-toxic food machinery grease for many application, reduced inventory.

Formulated specifically for the food packaging and processing industry. It meets the food
industry purity standards of USDA authorized H1 grease and FDA regulation of 21 CRF 178.3570. for lubricant having incidental contact with food.
It is registered by NSF International as H1 grease and it performs excellent in outstanding resistance to water washout and most sterilizing chemicals, thus providing long term rust and corrosion protection.
Exceptional strong mechanical stability assures outstanding performance and good results. It
has excellent wear and rust protection and maintains its consistency and structural integrity in the presence of large amount of water. It is specially suited for application in both plain and anti friction bearings subject to heavy or shock loaded conditions in both normal and high temperature applications.
Both plain and anti-friction bearings in food processing equipment, especially high water wash or high temperature applications where H1 authorized grease is required.
Commonly used as high temperature oven bearings grease and fan bearings in biscuits factories, high withstanding non-hardening lubricant in ice factories and cold rooms.

Keywords: Food Grade White grease, Food machinery grease, Industrial Supplies, Lubes and oils specialties, Non-Toxic H1 Grease, NSF H1 grease,



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