SL55 Premium Overdrive HD Grease

SL55 Premium Overdrive HD Grease from SLOILS LUBRICATION

Keywords: Industrial Supplies, Lubes and oils specialties

SLOILS SL 55 is a premium heavy duty high temperature grease formulated to provide excellent protection in applications where metal-to-metal friction and high loads exist. It assures complete lubrication and excellent corrosion protection even in severe conditions where salt water is present and offers impressive Weld Point and a high Timken OK Load.
SLOILS SL 55 has excellent pumpability characteristics, good shear stability and does not harden or soften readily under high temperature. It has excellent mechanical stability with exceptional good water resistance and it shows outstanding performance in resisting high oxidation during long working hours and effectively reducing friction and wear under extreme pressure and shock loading applications.
SLOILS SL 55 is polymer fortified for improved adhesion which designed to “ stay there and lubricate “ under the extreme conditions of where water contamination is present. It offers excellent rust protection and superior corrosion resistance for long term operation. It is the ultimate grease for extended service applications and plant-wide cost saving grease which provides excellent protection.

Keywords: Industrial Supplies, Lubes and oils specialties



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