S88 Friction Modifying Oil Additive

S88 Friction Modifying Oil Additive from SLOILS LUBRICATION

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SLOILS 88 is a heavy VI solvent extracted paraffin base oil compounded with a tackiness additive to improve the oil film strength and adhesiveness and the unique special friction modifiers to impregnate engine metal surfaces resisting friction and extreme wears.. It is designed as a universal use oil Viscosity index improving product containing unique formulated corrosion inhibitors blended with special extreme pressure and lubricity additives.
SLOILS 88 eliminates most problems of engines over-heating with remarkably strong sealing power. It helps to boost-up the engine power by stabilizes the viscosity index of the existing oil under high thermal operation and also at the same time, treating and replenishing metal surfaces with protective coatings of the friction modifiers to reduce frictions. Added to the new oil, this will fortify the oil properties with added protective features and sometimes increase the life of the oil for extended oil change by up to 50%.
SLOILS 88 unique formulation contributes unsurpassed lubrication performance. It helps to rebuilt protective shields on all engine metal parts to avoid sludge, carbon and other foreign contaminants. It resists water attacking and reduces oxidation to the minimum. It improves efficiency and prolongs engine life. It is distinctively safe for all engines which differs from PTFE, detergents and thickener types of additive.

Keywords: Chemicals specialties, Industrial Supplies, Lubes and oils specialties,



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