MS330 Bigfoot HT and EP Moly grease

MS330 Bigfoot HT and EP Moly grease from SLOILS LUBRICATION

Keywords: Industrial Supplies, high temperature grease, Lubes and oils specialties

Premium quality high melting point and water resistance aluminum complex grease. Fortified with Molybdenum Disulfide ( Moly ) to reduce wear by maintaining lubrication under conditions of high friction and shock loads. Extremely resistant to softening at high temperature and has extremely high load carrying capacity, shear stability and exceptional water resistance. Designed to always stay in place under the worst operating conditions of water-dirt-mud, providing the maximum protection and peace of mind. Excellent shear and mechanical stability, excellent oil retention and good thermal stability , made this grease a prime choice in the toughest applications for high protection against sliding friction wear. Designed for all heavy duty applications and as plant-wide lubricant to meet the demanding requirements. It is developed to solve most problems in lubrication under the toughest conditions such as extreme high loads, thermal degradation, humidity and steam, and severe contamination. For extended lubrication dryer end bearings, drying ovens, hot kiln and other severe high temperature applications.

Keywords: high temperature grease, Industrial Supplies, long life bearing grease, Lubes and oils specialties, MOS2 Grease, MOS2 Lubricant, seal for life grease,



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