New challenges and opportunities of china valve industry in 2013

By: Valmax Valve Co.,Ltd.  10-08-2013
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As the process of China's infrastructure construction, city of each industry to speed up, the demand for valve products year after year to maintain high growth state, it also provides a good environment for the development of the development of China's valve industry, valve industry, but also faced with domestic trouble and foreign invasion situation. In recent years, the domestic casting industry is developing very fast, but there are still many problems in the development of the industry. As the domestic valve industry long-term price war, resulting in the valve industry valve industry long wandering in the world of low. Therefore, China's valve industry must change from competition, changes in China's valve industry vulnerable state. Industry development at home and in the casting, casting enterprises should solve the problem of saving electricity, labor shortages, the national policy, at the same time, pay more attention to the development of industry, and to make the appropriate adjustments according to the operation of enterprises, in order to better and faster development. At present, the domestic large and small valve enterprises are distributed all over the country, local valve industry due to the contradiction between supply and demand of production capacity and the market, ongoing price war, but the price war so that the domestic valve industry in a very difficult situation, the industrial economic benefit is low, the level of corporate earnings continued to decline, the market into a chaos. <br / > <br > according to understand, because of many prominent problems casting domestic industry itself, the company behind the production will be phased out, in order to reduce industry burden. Because the domestic and international market demand for casting all cannot do without the small and medium-sized enterprise, it will need a longer elimination transition period. <br / > <br > the personage inside course of study points out, the domestic casting industry to achieve new breakthroughs, we need continuous efforts, in the scientific and technological content of products quality and products gradually improve, which is downstream of the valve industry, is a new challenge, a new opportunity as well as the valve industry.

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