Diversified development for valve manufacturing process

By: Valmax Valve Co.,Ltd.  10-08-2013
Keywords: Valve, Ball Valves, Check Valves

From the time point of view, a few years ago, China's valve industry, the overall level is not too high, the small and medium-sized enterprise more, start low, for some small workshop. Change in recent years is relatively large, one is improving the quality of personnel; two is the manufacturing process and improve the management level, such as Maezawa valve factory, in the process, the management has the quite high level. From the manufacturing process, the domestic production of valve technology level is uneven, many valve manufacturers abroad to China as their products processing base, there are many enterprises have entered the mainland market in valve. From the traditional valve, one is electric this piece, like the manual valve, hydraulic valve, electric valve developed; two is the valve construction, power plant, oil valve and so on, update speed. In addition, a huge market demand valve parts. A small processing plant in Shanghai, the production process the valve is very backward, but it across the sales force of about 100000 people. China's valve industry after ten years of accumulation and improved steadily, is now the largest production country in the world, export has steadily increased year by year. In the future, the development of China's valve industry will be diversified, technical level is getting higher and higher, the quality will also show a high quality. The implementation of the planning and management of China valve industry and preferential policies in addition, China's valve industry will be more and more development space.

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