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By: TYT música  22-10-2009
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TYT música has a team of teachers, all of whom have a great deal of musical experience and veryhigh standards of teaching ability in their respective areas and levels. Weoffer Piano Courses (Graded Music Exams, Diplomas and TYT Pianistic Program),Violin Course (Graded Music Exams) and Musikgarten Program (for babies andtoddlers).


- Graded Music Exams

ABRSM is a preferred examination board inTYT música. ABRSM practical exams provide a progressive system of assessmentsbeginning with the Prep Test and moving up through 8 grades to diplomas. Theyare designed to motivate pupils and students at all levels by providing clearattainable goals. The 'grades' are recognised as international benchmarks andare valued by teachers and institutions all over the world. The assessmentprogramme is flexible. ABRSM also encourages the development of theory andmusicianship skills from the earliest stages of instrumental learning. Asinstrumental skills progress, development in music theory and musicianshipbecomes increasingly important in helping students to perform with sensitivity,understanding and confidence.


- Diplomas (Music Performance)

The Music Performance Diplomas areavailable to instrumental and vocal performers. Through live and writtencomponents, you, the candidate, will be examined in your command of performancetechnique and interpretative skill coupled with an appropriate knowledge of theidiom and repertoire of your instrument/voice. The Diplomas are conducted inEnglish and are assessed wherever possible by two examiners. There are threecomponents - Recital, Quick Study and Viva Voce.

- TYT Performance Course

The rationale behind the course is toprepare and equip talented students and/or students who have the desires tostudy performance at a higher level. Its aim is to help developing students’practical and intellectual skills in piano performance, especially those whohave the intention to study music with a view to a career as a musician, orsimply to pursue higher education in a music college, conservatoire oruniversity. A detailed outline of the program, such as the syllabus,performance opportunity, expectation etc., will be given to students who enrolin this program.

- TYT Equipping Course

The course is designed to prepare and equip piano teachers in order to effectively help their students in technique, analytical and performance related issues in piano repertoire of Grades 1-5 or Grades 6-8 standard. It aims to develop piano teacher’s practical, analytical and intellectual skills in piano performance, as a means to demonstrate to students how a piece of music can be executed. The course also covers the main issues, which includes: understanding teaching and learning, planning lessons and key features of effective music teaching, as well as professional skills and your future professional development that you will need to explore if you are starting a career in teaching


A popular music and movement program fromthe United States. This music program was designed for for babies, toddlers andchildren up-to 9 years old. In this program, the children will participate insinging at the right pitch, focused listening, simple composition orimprovisation, playing songs on the keyboard using major and minor keys,drumming, dancing, ensemble playing of instruments as well as acquiring a basicunderstanding of melody, harmony, rhythm and form. The objective is to build astrong musical foundation for the children before they take up individualpiano, violin and other instruments later on.

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