By: GQR Solutions  15-10-2008
Keywords: Business Software

Key Features
-Multi Companies- You can buy one license and share among the company that you have.
-Multi Languages- BizSuite come with 2 languages, English and Malay, more languages are coming!
-Save to PDF files- You can save the documents (Quotation/Invoice/PO/Receipts) to PDF files, so that you can email to your customers/suppliers.
-Print to Company Letterhead Pre-Printed paper- You can also pint the documents (Quotation/Invoice/PO/Receipts) to Pre-Printed paper with your company letterhead.
-Customer/Supplier Data- Your customer/supplier information can be maintain in the software.
-Sales/Purchase Item Data- Your Sales/Purchase Item information can be maintain in the software.
-Multiple Taxes- You can have various taxes for all documents.
-Multiple Discounts- You can have various discounts for all documents.
-Unlimited Sales Terms- You can maintain unlimited sales terms for various situation to be used in the documents.
-Sales/Purchase Analysis Reports- There are many reports provides you analysis information about your sales and purchase.

Corporate Advantages
-Affordable- Our pricing is very affordable and competitive, we charge only a lifetime amount, no REPETITIVE charges.
-Easy to Use- We have a very strong Application Architecture to ensure standardization and consistence in the User Interface, thus our software is very easy to use.
-Continuous Updates and Improvement- Our properitary application architecture reduce our development cycle and thus we can deliver updates enhancement much faster to you.
-Quality Development Cycle- We adopted a variant of Rational Unified Process which control and ensure the quality of our processes including system analysis, design, development, testing and deployment.

Architecture Advantages
-Easy to deploy- using Java Web Start(JWS) technology, just single click from the website, and installation will be automatically.
-Auto Update- Automatically receive application updates when it is publish at the website, no install and install and install headache.
-Support many Operating Systems- Use Cross platform technology, can be used on most major Operating systems, including but not limited to major Windows(XP/Vista/2000/2003), Linux, Solaris, Apple (OS X), etc.
-Quick/Less Bugs Fixed- Using active open source technology, ensure less bugs or quick bug fixed.
-Privacy And Confidentiality- Database is keep locally, protect your privacy and confidentiality.
-Fast- Application and database is executed locally, thus provide fast application response.

Keywords: Business Software