Hyperclean SMT Stencil Wiper Rolls

Hyperclean SMT Stencil Wiper Rolls from Swiftmode Malaysia (Penang) Sdn Bhd

By: Swiftmode Malaysia (Penang) Sdn Bhd  01-08-2012

SMT Stencil Wiper Rolls Hyperclean Stencil Wiper Rolls offer high performance by using an advanced technology PP non-woven fabric, unique to Swiftmode. Solder paste will be trapped in the fibres and Hyperclean will not block the stencil. Solvent is rapidly absorbed and spreads over the whole surface ensuring the IPA is where it is needed for the most effective cleaning. Hyperclean Under Stencil Cleaning Rolls have a very low Chloride content compared to cellulose/polyester papers that use chlorine for bleaching regardless of the environmental impact. Hyperclean SMT Cleaning Rolls are 100% PP so they can be recycled in the plastics chain unlike cellulose/polyester paper. The stencil cleaning fabric is STATIC DISSIPATIVE and cannot generate enough charge to cause an IPA fire.

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