Natural Handmade Soap ~ A Luxury & Exclusive Bath Experience

Natural Handmade Soap ~ A Luxury & Exclusive Bath Experience from Natural To Nature

By: Natural To Nature  18-04-2009
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We are proud to present to you our "Pure Essense" Natural Handmade Soaps from Australia. These natural handmade soaps are crafted from the purest natural ingredients from around the world. Some ingredients you will recognize while others are more exotic and exclusive and have only been used by the privilege few. Start to pamper yourself today with our luxurious selections of natural handmade soaps.

Why our Pure Essense Natural Handmade Soap is better ?

1) Natural Ingredient :-
    * Our soaps are crafted from the purest natural ingredients from around the world rather than hash chemicals.
    * No synthetic preservatives, additives or colour. Hence it made a healthy product.

2) Handmade for Better Quality Control & Reliable :-
    * Our soaps are design and formulated in Australia. It is widely used in Australia.
    * In Pure Essense Soap, our master craftsman only uses the very best vegetable oils in our soaps which includes palm oil, olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil.
    * We make them in small batches and have to allow 4 - 5 weeks to cure.
    * Each batch is quality checked, PH tested for mildness and dermatologically tested.

3) Retained Glycerin :-
    * Unlike commercially based soap making, Pure Essense leaves in the naturally occurring glycerin in our soap.
    * It is the glycerin that makes the soap moisturising and gentle on the skin.
    * Glycerin is a humectant which is in a category substances that attract and retain water, therefore skin can stays hydrated.

4) Essential Oil :-
    * With the varies Essential Oil added to the soap, we can enjoy their great smell and at the same time obtained the benefit of the essential oil when using the soap.
    * We don’t use synthetic fragrance oil which will lead to skin irritation.

5) Luxurious & Exclusive :-
    * Unique and nice appearances.
    * Nice scent with combination of luxurious essential oil.
    * World 1st patented scent release packaging.

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