Bio Magic Globe (detergent-free washing-ball)

Bio Magic Globe (detergent-free washing-ball) from Natural To Nature

By: Natural To Nature  01-06-2009
Keywords: Toiletries, Eco Friendly, Bio Magic Globe

This detergent-free washing-ball is a great money and time saver. Leave the ball in the washing machine and run wash after wash. Heavily-soiled loads may require an hour pre-soak with the ball. You may choose to add a small amount of detergent as an additional measure.
Powerful far-infra-red rays from the Bio Magic Globe break water molecules hydrogen combination into smaller clusters and activate the small water clusters. This increases its molecular motions, its penetration ability and the washing power of the water. The Bio Magic Globe also radiates negative ions to soften the surface and inter-fabric adhesions so that dirt comes off easily without detergent.
Bio Magic Globe keeps the pH spectrum at the same level as ordinary chemical detergent to help remove oil, dirt and stains from clothing.
The Bio Magic Globe eliminates the chlorine in the water and softens the water surface tension thereby also increasing cleaning strength.

Keywords: Bio Magic Globe, Detergent Free, Eco Friendly, Toiletries, Washing Ball,