Printer Ribbon Refill (All brand- Lexmark, Panasonic, Epson, etc)

Printer Ribbon Refill (All brand- Lexmark, Panasonic, Epson, etc) from TES MARKETING SUPPLIES

Keywords: Computer Printer Ribbons, Printer Ribbons, Marketing Supplies

Printer ribbon is used for many type of printer especially in printer computer form paper (2ply onwards). Printer Ribbon available in the market can be either original and compatible.

Original Printer Ribbon- Some customer prefer original printer ribbon because they claimed it can use to printer more paper, but the cost is more than double of the compatible printer ribbon.

Compatible Printer Ribbon- Some customer prefer compatible printer ribbon because it's cheap and the quality is comparable to original printer ribbon. Some customer said they save more money by using Compatible Printer Ribbon because of example below:

Original Printer Ribbon:
- RM10 each
- Can print 100pcs paper

Compatibe Printer Ribbon:
- RM5 each
- Can print 80pcs paper each,
- RM10= 2 printer ribbon can print 160pcs paper, MORE WORTH IT, RIGHT?

On top of this, TES MARKETING SUPPLIES offer customer another option, which is REFILL your printer ribbon as even lower cost. We will replace new ribbon to the casing and it can be use like new compatible, and the cost is ~50% cheaper than compatible printer ribbon.

So, don't throw empty printer ribbon away, keep is and send for TES MARKETING SUPPLIES for REFILL, help your company save more cost and increase company profit indirectly.

Keywords: Computer Printer Ribbons, Marketing Supplies, Printer Ribbons, Typewritter Ribbons


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