Multipurpose Wire Stripper Operating (Instruction) Manual

Multipurpose Wire Stripper Operating (Instruction) Manual from A PLUS A SOLUTION

By: A PLUS A SOLUTION  14-03-2012
Keywords: Scrap Metals, Recycle, Industrial Lighting

This Machine suitable for copper wire, single core wire, muticore wire, aluminium wire, sheet cable wire. Wire stripping range: 1.5~45mm. This machine is practicable and easy to handle.
Voltage: 220V / 380V
Measurement: L700 x W610 x H840
Weight: 110KG
Daily Output: 600~1200KG

1) Blades adjuster
2) wheel adjuster
3) Center adjuster
4) Safeguard meshwork

A) Twin-core  Sheet wire inlet
B) 2-4 cores sheet wire inlet
C) Diameter 1.5 ~ 3.0mm cables/wires' inlet
D) Strip video cales/wire or core loosed wires
E) Diameter 3.1 ~ 4.5mm cables/wires' feeding hole
F) Diameter 7.0 ~ 10.0mm cables/wires' feeding hole
G) Diameter 10.0 ~ 13.0mm cables/wires' feeding hole
H) Diameter 13.0 ~ 14.0mm cables/wires' feeding hole

~ Model: KOB Wire Stripper
~ Price: RM3500.00 / USD1200 / Unit

~ Colour: Blue, yellow

~ Min Order Qty: 1

~ Item Condition: NEW

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