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By: RBCLife Healthy Living  28-05-2015

Stem-Kine™ Renew, Replenish and Rejuvenate Key Benefits: Supports the body’s rejuvenation system* Nutritionally supports bone marrow and the body’s natural stem cell functions* What is it? Stem-Kine is a unique supplement made with all natural ingredients and vitamin D through a proprietary fermentation process. This product nourishes the bone marrow supporting your body’s natural processes for producing and increasing levels of circulating stem cells.* Shown in published clinical studies to provide ideal nutrition to the bone marrow, enabling it to increase its production of stem cells, the body’s system for the renewal of diseased and damaged tissues. What is it formulated to do? Stem-Kine has been formulated by an expert in the field of stem cell research to nutritionally support the metabolism of bone marrow enabling it to enhance production of stem cells. By doing so, your body will have a greater ability to restore and rejuvenate itself.* Who may benefit? Anyone can benefit from supporting the body’s processes for increasing the number of circulating stem cells, particularly those over the age of 25.* How is it used? Stem-Kine is taken as a serving of 2 capsules daily.

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