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By: ADVFIT Automation Sdn Bhd  03-01-2012
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 We look ahead.Yesterday, today and in the future. Since SensoPart was founded in 1994, we have constantly focussed on the future. Our motto has always been: We gauge ourselves not by what is possible today, but by our ideas for what can be achieved in the future. Many ground-breaking ideas from that time have since become successful products, which are now indispensible in modernautomation technology – endorsed by the numerous prizes for innovation which we have received over recent years. Today, SensoPart isthe technological leader in many areas of industrial sensor technology. And we still have many ideas for the future.

Optical sensors
Photoelectric switches, Light barriers, Fiber optic amplifiers, Optical fibres Slot sensors and optical windows, Analog sensors Color, contrast & luminescence sensors .
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Inductive sensors
Inductive proximity sensors are indispensable in industry today. They use an alternating magnetic field produced by an oscillator as their measuring medium. If a metallic object enters this magnetic field, the oscillation amplitude changes. This is analysed electrically. In contrast to optical or ultrasonic sensors, they are however only for use in close-up range. Typical operating distances vary between 0.5 mm and 40 mm.
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Capacitive sensors
Our capacitive sensors detect the disturbance in an electric field caused by the presence of an object. This disturbance can be generated both by conductive (metal) and non-conductive (isolators) objects. Typical applications are in the pharmaceutical and food industry or in the paper and wood processing/machining sector
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Ultrasonic sensors
Ultrasonic sensors use a short high frequency acoustic pulse as measuring medium. This is emitted towards e.g. an object which reflects it back towards the sensor as an echo. The time of flight can be used to determine e.g. distance. Ultrasonic sensors are often used in applications where the physical principle of optical sensors reaches its limits, i.e. the detection of transparent objects or liquids. Another typical application is level measurement e.g. of bulk goods from a long distance.
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