Super Memory

By:  22-11-2009
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The aim of this training is to develop your evocative thinking by making some exercises aimed at developing it. Your motivation as a participant in this game will make for the attainment of a rise in your creativity.

You need to make both hemispheres work simultaneously, perceiving the world through all senses, as well as to learn to develop incomplete information into a full-blown image.

In spite of certain difficulties at an initial sage, you’ll soon notice that you begin doing a lot of things automatically with a new training. Each of new trainings will see exercises turning into a skill that will soon become a natural way of memorizing information. You should train for 1.5 - 2 hours a day. Do not try to set a strict training schedule for yourself. You can achieve certain results by training several times a day. Begin with the “Development of evocative thinking” section, by consistently going through exercises offered. After that see “ Memorization techniques” for practical ways of memorizing.

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