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Keywords: Potassium Phosphate

   Monopotassium phosphate (First grade, Upper grade  )          
Molecular formula: KH2PO4
 Molecular weight: 136.09
Model No.: CF-MKP711 (First grade)  CF-MKP712(Upper grade )
Property: white or colorless crystal, easily soluble in water, relative density at 2.338,melting point at 252.6℃,and pH value of 1% solution is 4.5.  
Specification                      First grade                                      Upper grade
Appearance                     White crystal                                     White crystal
Main contents                 % ≥99.0                                                       99.0
P2O5 Content                   %≥ 51.5                                                    51.5
K2O Content                       %≥ 34.0                                                 34.0
Moisture                            %≤ 0.2                                                     0.2
Water insoluble matter        %≤ 0.1                                                     0.1
Heavy metal(base on Pb)   %≤ ----                                                      0.001
Arsenic (base on As)     %≤ ----                                                        0.0003
 Fluoride (base on F)        %≤ ----                                                       0.005  
Use: Used to manufacture meta-phosphate in medical and food industry.Used as a high effective K and P compound fertilizer .It contains totally 86% fertilizer elements,used as a basic raw material for N,P and K compound fertilizer.

Keywords: Potassium Phosphate

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