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Insulated bearing from Rubber chemicals

By: Rubber chemicals  09-11-2016
Keywords: Bearing

Insulated bearing can prevent current through the bearing itself in the wet condition, while ordinary bearings can not. With ceramic or resin material coated steel rings and cage, ceramic bearing balls, most insulated bearings on the market have good Insulating, Creep Resistance and Heat dissipating properties, while because of the expensive price, the application is very little. Our company uses a special technology for processing, the cost was greatly reduced,while the performance is more excellent. Our products have excellent antioxidant activity, Corrosion resistance and nonmagnetism, particularly suitable for harsh production environments, can withstand large capacity, and have long service life The Electrical insulating coating provides protection against AC and DC currents.The minimum ohmic resistance is 100 MΩ. The coating is tested to withstand voltages can be upto 4 000 V DC. Application: Large power motor Wind generators Railway locomotive traction motors Frequency conversion motor Electric generator

Keywords: Bearing

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