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By: Hsinnjy Ltd. Co.  10-02-2011
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 Static flocking fabric, which is also called flocking fabric, is produced by using static electricity to flock backing

Fleece included nylon, rayon, cotton or the other staple fibers, the length is between 0.2~1.0mm, and the denier is about 0.6~3d. As for the colors, they can be dyed according to the requests in advance.

When it is flocking, the backing will pass through the electrostatic field of the dc high voltage, so one electrode will attract to the other and attach on the backing, which is applied with adhesives uprightly. After drying, the fluff will become solid.

Applications: flocking fabric can be made into decorative fabric, sound-absorbing fabric, and faux suede. It has the effects of shading, sound-absorbing, warmth-keeping, cold-proof, and moisture-absorbing.

There’re one side brushed fleece, two side brushed fleece, single color fleece, and so on. They can be applied to costumes, curtains, chair cover, sofa cover, shoes materials, bag materials, wall covering, flags, and so on.

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Keywords: fiber nonwoven