By: Daisy.Huang  17-12-2010
Keywords: sanitary ware&kitchen appliance

 Food processor 6 in 1 
1)      Make sure the fresh fruit and vegetable can go through the Food Tube.
 2)      Put the Separating Trough on the motor base and turn it tight clockwise. Put the Cutter Filter into position on the connector, set it in the center of the Separating Trough, and press down until it feels snug. General rotate the Cutter Filter to ensure that it turns freely. Double check by pressing down and spinning it again.
3) Put on the Separating Trough Lid well, turn the Food Tube tight anticlockwise according to the appointed direction before put on the Transparent Cover, and then lock the Clamp. Insert one Safe block into appointed place, double check will be advised to ensure safety.
4)Located the Juice Cup ( with foam filtering plate inside) under the juice mouth.
 5)Connect the power and turn the control button to "1", then the unit start to work.
6)Put the fruit and vegetable into the Food Tube and then push them with Pusher slightly. Do not shut off the switch at once when finish the pressing, the effort more better if let it go on working 50 seconds to 1minute and then shut off. Do not exert too much pressure on the pusher, as this could affect the quality of the end result and it could even cause the filter to come to a halt.
7)Always leave the switch to OFF position after each use. Do not put your fingers or other objects into the appliance opening while it is operating. Never feed food by hand. Always use the pusher. If food becomes clogged in opening, use pusher to push it down. When this method is not possible, turn the motor off and disassemble food processor to remove the remaining food.
8)Please get rid of residue in the Separating Trough

Keywords: sanitary ware&kitchen appliance