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By: Xunsn(X&S) International Group Co.,Ltd  10-11-2010
Keywords: Automotive Parts, Fuel Additive

   NANO fuel additive, a super-concentrated environmentally multi-functional fuel additive that is an "all-in-one" power booster, fuel saver, emissions reducer, engine protector and combustion chamber deposit cleaner. And the proportion is 1: 10000 between our additive and fuel oil.   So, just 5ml Nano gasoline additive can treat to 50L gasoline oil, and it will make your car run more 100KM than before without our additive.   Just 25ml Nano diesel additive can treat to 250L diesel oil, and it will be saved about 50L.          Efficacy:   A) Reducing consumption of about 20%. B) Reducing harmful matt including CO, HC, and NO, etc. 40%-80%. It is propitious to protect the environment. C) Increases vehicle's power 20%-28%, and reduces/eliminates engine operation noise and makes driving smoothly.   D) Effectively inhibit or eliminate carbon deposits in combustion chamber including the spark plug, fuel spray nozzle, gas inlet valve, gas exhaust valve etc. E) Reducing requirement of octane for gasoline engine 4-6. F) Effectively cleaning colloid and impurities in system of fuel, so the system of fuel will be more cleaning. G) Makes users to have less maintenance costs, extending engine's life. It works well for new and old engines, in all fuels and in all climates and seasons. No engine modification is required.

Keywords: Automotive Parts, Fuel Additive

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