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By: BinBang Oil Filtration Co.,Ltd  11-11-2010
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 This equipment is developed and produced by our company based on vacuum drying principle, adopting coalescence-separating technique, precise filtration and absorption refining technique. It is an ideal equipment to purify badly deteriorated insulating oil and other low viscosity lubricating oil. It is quite functional and efficient not only for dehydration, degassing, removing impurities, but also for getting rid of free carbon, dyes, acid, etc so as to maintain insulating and lubricating property of the oil. After purification process, the remaining water and gas content, PH value, comply with the international standards.  Application scope:  It is widely used to regenerate and purify the deteriorated transformer oil, circuit breaker oil, capacitor oil, low viscosity lubricating oil, in power generation plants, transformer stations, electric transmission and supplying company, factories, mines, railway transportation, etc.  It can be used as special equipment for electric power transformer maintenance. Not only can it remove water, gas, and other impurities from the oil, but also it can remove oxide materials and remove free carbon in the deteriorated oil to lower the PH value, improve its breakdown voltage and quality.  Characteristics:  1.       High-efficient degassing and dehydration system, adopting vacuum flash distillation technique to remove water and gas from oil.  2.       Precision multi-stage filtration system, high-quality filter element, big capacity of containing pollutant, and fine filtration from one stage to the other.  3.       Special absorbing agent is used to remove free carbon and water-soluble acid so as to improve flash point, acid value and dielectric property of oil.  4.       Safe electric heating system with swirling heating element, with merits of quick heating, constant and even temperature.  5.       Chain safe protection system, pressure protection device, interaction of oil inlet and heating, infrared oil level control system, all these help avoid damage from incorrect operation.  6.       Obvious effect on deteriorated insulating oil treatment, suitable to transformer oil purification onsite and online.  7.       Convenient for Vacuum pumping and oil filling to transformers.  (oil purifier, oil purification, oil filtration, oil recycling, oil treatment, oil regeneration, oil restoration, oil filtering, waste oil disposal, oil reclaiming, waste oil management, energy saving, oil reconditioned, oil reconstituted, oil restituting, oil recovering ,oil filtration, oil filter)  For additional equipment information and pricing, please contact me immediately. My contact information is as following. Thank you.  

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Keywords: Filtering Equipment & Supplies, Filtration, Oil Purification, Oil Purifier, Oil Recycling

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