IPTV 8000HD Internet Protocol television

IPTV 8000HD Internet Protocol television from js-tenshi

By: js-tenshi  13-03-2011
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IPTV set-top box, you can watch more than 50 sets of selected domestic and foreign good, clear television program, on-demand Sina, Sohu, potatoes, Phoenix, Netease's videos, supports playback of external hard drives or memory cards in the film, music, pictures, etc., this product is stable in 2M bandwidth to watch.

No pot-type high-definition TV, IPTV networks, such as TV programs to be received 138,134,76.5, Sohu Film / TV, Sina Movies / TV, PPS and other network-on-demand channels, support U disk, hard disk player, supports local playback 1080P HD! (Gradual introduction of Korean and Japanese versions)

HDMI pioneered the world's most advanced systems, and strive to ensure the perfect user terminal can decode the video screen, the machine is different from the other network TV! ! Let you enjoy the new generation high-definition digital broadcast TV! ! 2M for all broadband users can enjoy the 720P standard definition picture quality!! Live broadcasts change without notice!!, Has been paid subject to the Ministry of the latest IPTV machines while thousands of free HD and SD movies, news, finance , entertainment, drama and other on-demand! ! And the thousands every day click on the global video news broadcast to watch, the machine output is HDMI, AV, YPbPr component output, COAXIAL speaker surround cable output, external USB hard drive support for TV picture quality to the local effect .

yLivez Network TV

Can watch, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, International, Europe's 50 more channels, a clear picture! Allow you to break out, you can watch Snowball ERNIE Hong Kong, the Hang Seng Index in real time to master, but also in Hong Kong and Taiwan as quickly master the foreign advice. This set of rich content, covering information, news, sports, movies and other rich content, and there are well-known Jade, ATV, CTV, FTV, Eastern, and other classic Disney Channel! Is your first choice for home watching TV!

yDemandz Network

Can demand Sina, Sohu, potatoes, Phoenix, the Company's high-definition video, content variety, TV shows, movies and other rich content, watch the latest movies at home, pop a can not miss episode! And through the hands of the remote control can fast forward operation, and truly let you experience the network resource is home to the disc so simple!

yLocal player

Support Play external hard drive or memory card, movies, music, pictures, etc . Support for common RMVB, AVI, MP4, MKV, MP3, AAC, WMV, WMA file formats and other mainstream and easily help you to start a family high-definition video playback system


((Now u can watch all hong kong ,taiwan ,japan channel with your 50' lcd-led tv in clear 1080p....Please note that, this is not a usb iptv for computer....) 

Continuous Yearly subcription RM500

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Keywords: dreambox astro