Water Entertainment

By: Oase  15-01-2011
Keywords: Architects, Landscaping, Landscaping Services

Glistening streams of water emerging seemingly out of nowhere, throwing jets of water, leaping fountains, every now and then changing your character - this is the new champions of entertainment in our back garden. The impression of complicated bells and whistles are in fact extremely simple to install. Ready for connection and equipped with all necessary components in one moment can change our garden in a spectacular scene. For some products, thanks to its various capabilities of the regulation, the compositions of elements can be easily changed using a remote control and choose carefully in its sole discretion. To install the product of a series of Water Entertainment, we do not need even a pond. Depending on the type of fountain, more than enough for us water tank with cover and gravel.

Creative Water Quintet With the individually formulated a fountain, you can let your imagination run wild. Five separate pumps can be set or hang out in different configurations. They are separately regulated and illuminated. Both the height of the fountain and the water flow rate is controlled by remote control.

Water Quintet / Trio The fountain, with three to five individually adjustable jets, to meet the highest requirements. Fountain height adjustment range is from 30 to 140 cm, and the flow rate is controlled by a remote control switching presets. The light intensity of high-quality LED rings varies depending on the height of the fountain.

Water Jet Lightning spurting jets of water introduced by the program presented by shine with different colors. The range of water flow may change, random selection program "random play" shows all the possible settings for changing colors. The product is distinguished by power-efficient 12-volt electrical system and the potential for rapid installation.

Water Starlet This floating on the surface, or set on a base installation of a small fountain has a rapid installation. It has five individually adjustable jets equipped with LED ring, depicting different images water. Operation of pumps and lighting elements based on energy-efficient 12-volt electrical system. (In the equipment there is no remote control and the option of the program).

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