Firestone EPDM geomembrane

By: Oase  18-12-2010
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Firestone EPDM geomembrane insulating membrane, acting in a flexible and durable solution for a wide range of applications in environments agricultural, industrial and commercial uses, such as:



* Pond
* Retention Tanks
* Swimming
* Tanks and irrigation channels
* Capacities for the production of artificial snow
* Ponds on golf courses
* Ponds for agriculture
* Treatment wetland
* Tanks, plants
* Sealing the bowl landfill

Firestone EPDM geomembrane is easy to install and designed for prolonged use as a critical protective coat and waterproofing to large water features.


The product has already proved to the world

Thousands of the world - many in the demanding conditions - are the best proof of the exceptional durability of Firestone EPDM geomembranes.


Firestone EPDM is used for the first time in the reservoirs for irrigation in southern Spain has nearly 40 years ago. Today, despite decades of use, kauczkowa membrane still a reliable waterproofing coating.



Firestone EPDM geomembrane is a single-layer membrane (film) made from monomers of ethylene - propylene - diene (EPDM), produced by US-based Firestone Building Products - a world leader in waterproofing. Chemically stable membrane has the following features:

- High flexibility even at very low temperatures.

Firestone EPDM geomembrane is highly flexible even at very low temperatures (down to -45 ° C), which offers year-round use. This high adaptability, flexibility is an irregular membrane surface coatings offer excellent adhesion characteristics.

- High elasticity and extensibility of the formation of landforms.

Firestone EPDM Geomembrama is highly flexible and resilient. Extensibility comes to 300% in all directions without danger of cracking. Will suit the terrain.


- Resist pressure.

Firestone EPDM geomembrane provides almost unlimited resistance to hydrostatic pressure compared to other manufacturers of geomembranes, so it can be used in large size ranges of deep-water reservoirs.

- Dimensional stability

Firestone EPDM geomembranes can easily deform, but thanks to the so-called. "Shape memory" returns to its original shape and size, as opposed to the thermoplastic membrane that deform permanently losing thickness.

- High durability

The first installation of Firestone EPDM has been made in 1973 and is living proof to longevity. Firestone EPDM geomembrane offers unmatched resistance to UV radiation, ozone and high temperatures without changing the parameters and physical properties, regardless of whether the membrane is exposed or obscured. It has no plasticizers which could migrate and lead to premature failure. If necessary, EPDM geomembranes can be easily repaired even after many years of use.

- Easy Installation

Firestone EPDM geomembrane is available in large flat sheets (no connection), to more than 15 me

meters in width and 61m in length (930m2), which translates into a short installation time and fewer calls for large areas. Moreover Firestone QuickSeam tape provides a proven method of linking does not require special tools.

Basic sheets:

6.10 x 30.5 m = 186 m2

7.62 x 30.5 m = 232 m2

9.15 x 30.5 m = 279 m2

12.2 x 30.5 m = 372 m2

15.25 x 30, 5 m = 465 m2

- Chemical resistance


Firestone EPDM geomembrane exhibits high resistance to alkalis and acid rain, nitrates, phosphates and solutions, alcohols, microorganisms and chemicals contained in the soil. Avoid contact with hydrocarbons, gasoline, hot asphalt, lubricants and oils.

- Environmentally friendly

Firestone EPDM geomembrane is chemically stable substance devoid of pollutants. Longevity and the possibility of processing (recycling) in combination with the protection of groundwater and the environment makes the membrane Firestone environmentally friendly solution - the so-called. "Green". Moreover, the involvement of Firestone in environmental protection has contributed to numerous company initiatives, including to obtain ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, the plants producing Firestone EPDM membrane.



Firestone has developed a wide range of additional products, which together with EPDM geomembranes same company is a complete waterproof system. These include: QuickSeam Tape QuickSeam FormFlash, adhesives and sealants. Each component of Firestone EPDM geomembranes has been carefully designed and thoroughly tested
the department's Research and Development.

Reliable method for connecting

Firestone EPDM sheets may be installed at the destination by using a system combining Firestone QuickSeam Tape. It is a technology based on self-adhesive tape made of EPDM and butyl, used in combination with primer Firestone QuickPrime Plus. It's quick and easy solution, requiring sophisticated tools, ensures continued strength of the welds. The membrane thickness does not affect the installation method, speed or quality. Since the first application of Firestone QuickSeam Tape in 1987, has successfully installed millions of meters of tape.

Installation Details

With Firestone QuickSeam FormFlash, sealing pipes, culverts, hard to reach places in the interior and exterior has become a quick and easy. This collar uncured EPDM laminated to the adhesive tape QuickSeam Tape, which can be easily molded, giving it the desired shape.


Firestone EPDM geomembrane has been tested and has received many national and international certificates proving the excellent physical properties
and strength of connections. One of the most important French ASQUAL certificates is to be the most important in this area and product group. Firestone EPDM geomembranes also received CE mark.

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