Tikus ( Roden/Mice)

Tikus ( Roden/Mice) from Finn Termite & Pest Control

By: Finn Termite & Pest Control  22-12-2009
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They are diese carrying pest which live garbage dump, etc...they venture out in the night and damaging the packaging, draping and adore at their urine. Contamination food, etc...can jaundice, plaque and diseases, which transmitted by them.

We willset up semi permanent rat baits along wall floor junction, stores and basement throughout the whole building.

FINN TERMITE & PEST CONTROL  will also check and replenish the soiled baits. Upon feeding the baits, they will suffer internal, hemorrage and will lead to blindness and thirst. They will then go outside to look for light and water. This clearly shows that rats will die outside the building. Rodents should be controlled by their harbourage areas elimination.

Penggunaan sangkar perangkap berumpan bagi pengawalan populasi secara drastik. Penggunaan papan/kertas bergam akan digunakan bagi menilai keaktifan tikus di sesuatu kawasan. Penggunaan kaedah umpanan pepejal bagi pembasmian populasi tikus digunakan selepas kaedah diatas dijalankan.

Keywords: Tikus

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