Termite species

By: Finn Termite & Pest Control  30-12-2009
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There are from twelve to fifteen hundred species of termites. The best known are:the T. Bellicosus, which erect huge hillocks; the Nemorosus; the Lucifugus, which have made an appearance here and there in Europe; the Incertus; the Vulgaris; the Coptotermes; the Bornensis;the Mangensis, whose soldiers carry syringes;the Rhinotermes; the Malayanus; the Viator-one of the few which sometimes live in the open and cross the jungle, in long files;the T. Longipes; the Foraminifer; the Sulphureus; the Gestroi, whose fierce warriors deliberately attack living trees; the T. Carbonarius, whose soldiers produce the mysterious rhythmical hammering noise;the Translucens;the Speciosus;the Laticornis;the Brevicornis;the Atripennis;the Ovipennis;the Regularis;the Sordidus, which live in the island of Borneo; the Laborator of Malacca; the Capriternes, whose jaws, shaped like a goat's horns, act as springs and impel the insect a distance of from twenty to thirty centimetres; the Termopsis;the Calotermes, which are the most backward; and some hundreds of others that it would be tedious to mention...One must remember that observation of the habits of this exotic and always invisible insect is recent and incomplete; that many points remain obscure, and that the termitary is heavily charged with mystery.

Keywords: anai-anai

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