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By: Finn Termite & Pest Control  22-12-2009
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 Type of Common Ants : Argentina Ants
: Carpenter Ants
: Fire Ants
: Large Yellow Ants
: Little Black Ants
: Odourous House Ants
: Pavement Ants
: Pharaoh Ants
: Thief Ants

Argentina Ants - develop in moist soil trees or under stories or under slab.

Carpenter Ants - they prefer to excavate wood damage by fungus and after found in conjuntion with moisture problems.

Fire Ants - these yellow ants nest in rotting wood in the soil or in the foundation at homes. They often emerge into homes and cause the homeowner to misidentify them as terminate because of their size and the time they feeding on human food.

Little Black Ants - they are major problems in homes, hospitals, hotels, prison, apartmenat and complexes. They next is warm hard the reach location in walls, subfloor area, wall socket, attic cracks, behind baseboards and in furniture.

All this ants can be controlled with a through application of resuidual insectide and shuld be treated carefully all entrance into wall, nail hole, cracks, pipe openings, light switches and any other hiding area.

Keywords: Semut

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