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custom made dog tags! from The Gents' Dumpside

By: The Gents' Dumpside  08-10-2009
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Hey guys, we will be ordering some military grade dog tags from overseas.

Our first batch will be starting from:

2 October 2009 - 22 October 2009

Get your very own custom made dog tags at only
RM40! Have your very own personal details or message printed on our military dog tags as an accessory - necklace, key chain, pet tag, etc.

It will act as a very good birthday gift, anniversary present or just a sexy message to that special someone. Printings will be exactly up to you, no censored texts!

Each dog tag set includes your choice of:

* 2 military grade embossed dog tags
* 2 stainless steel ball chains or alternative connectors
* 2 silicone rubber silencers in assorted colour

Available dog tags:

Standard shiny dog tag

Matte dog tag

Dual rivet hole matte dog tag

Black powder coated dog tag

Brass dog tag

Available characters:

Number of maximum characters allowed in each line

Line 1: 14 characters
Line 2: 15 characters
Line 3: 15 characters
Line 4: 15 characters
Line 5: 14 characters
Allowed characters:

Letters (Uppercase only):




Special characters:

- (Dash)
& (Ampersand)
' (Single Quote)
. (Period)
, (Comma)
* (Asterisk)
@ (at sign - for email addresses)
/ (Forward Slash)

All characters look similar to the type writer fonts.

Available silencers:

• Black glossy
• Blue glossy (glow in the dark)
• Blue matte
• Brown matte
• Clear matte
• Fuchsia glossy
• Green glossy (glow in the dark)
• Green matte
• Grey glossy
• Lime green matte
• Orange matte
• Pink glossy (glow in the dark)
• Pink matte
• Purple matte
• Red matte
• White matte
• Yellow matte (glow in the dark)
• Yellow matte

Pictures of silencers will be provided upon request via email.

Available connectors:
• 30’’ Stainless steel ball chain
• 4’’ Stainless steel ball chain
• 30’’ Solid brass ball chain
• 4’’ Solid brass ball chain
• 30’’ Black epoxy coated ball chain
• 4’’ Black epoxy coated ball chain
• Stainless steel snap hook
• Solid brass snap hook
• Stainless steel s-hook
• Stainless steel split key ring
• Solid brass split key ring
• Stainless steel braided wire

Pictures of connectors will be provided via email.

How to place an order

Step 1: If you are interested in purchasing a personalized dog tag, email us at or PM us with the following details:

Contact Number:
Email address:
Mailing Address:
Characters on dog tag:
Tag 1:

Line 1:
Line 2:
Line 3:
Line 4:
Line 5:
Tag 2:
Line 1:
Line 2:
Line 3:
Line 4:
Line 5:
Colour of silencers:
Silencer 1:
Silencer 2:
Type of Connectors:
Connector 1:
Connector 2:
Extra orders/comments:

Step 2: After receiving your order, we will send an email to confirm your order together with our banking details and contact number within 48 hours. You can then, proceed with the payment.

Note that payments not made within 3 days orders will be cancelled.

Step 3: After making the payment, please text us – no calls please.

Step 4: After confirming your payment, your order will be sent to our manufacturer the day after the dateline of the pre-order.

Other terms and conditions

1. Please allow about 2 or 3 weeks after the dateline for the goods to reach you as all goods are pre-ordered and imported form overseas.
2. Place your orders only if you are willing to wait for 2 or 3 weeks before goods reaches you – you will be informed if there are any delays or early arrivals of the goods.
3. Prices quoted do not include postage fees – it is borne by the buyers.
4. Please make payment within 3 days after placing your order or it will be cancelled – amount of days can be adjusted on a case to case basis.
5. Refunds will not be done if any cancellations are made after the dateline.
6. Goods sold are not refundable or exchangeable – we ensure your dog tags are in good condition when we post them.
7. Goods may differ slightly from the pictures shown due to lighting and other factors.
8. We reserve the right to make any changes on the terms and conditions on our blog shop at anytime.

Postage fees

- We are only using POS EXPRESS to send out our goods.
- It is at a flat rate of RM3.00 for East and West Malaysia unless stated otherwise.
- It would take about 2 – 5 days to reach you depending on your location.
- You will be given a tracking number where you will be able to track your goods at
- Any orders with more than 3 sets of dog tags are entitled to free shipping.


1) Please double check your spelling before submitting your order form to us as all text will be submitted the way it is to the manufacturer as we receive many different and unique messages.
2) Extra connectors and silencers can be purchased individually only with the purchase of at least one set of dog tags. Prices are as follows:
a) Silencers (each) – RM5
b) 30’’ Stainless steel ball chain – RM5
c) 4’’ Stainless steel ball chain – RM2.50
d) 30’’ Solid brass ball chain – RM7.50
e) 4’’ Solid brass ball chain – RM5
f) 30’’ Black epoxy coated ball chain – RM7.50
g) 4’’ Black epoxy coated ball chain – RM5
h) Stainless steel snap hook – RM5
i) Solid brass snap hook – RM5
j) Stainless steel s-hook – RM4
k) Stainless steel split key ring –RM5
l) Solid brass split key ring – RM5
m) Stainless steel braided wire – RM10


-Any additional purchases will be given a 10% discount.
-This is an accumulated discount - 2 dog tags, 10% off, 3 dog tags, 20%.
-Thus, if you purchase 10 dog tags, you will be entitled to 1 free dog tag, including free postage.

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