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By: Casey Healthy Shop  10-01-2013
Keywords: Cancer, Diabetes, Detoxification

Tasly herbal tea is recommended commonly for adults and for those suffering from cardiovascular diseases, high blood cholesterol, and cardiac muscle oxygen shortage.

Smokers and those exposed to radiations. Diabetic patients and cancer patients can
benefit from it.

Keywords: Cancer, Detoxification, Diabetes

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About 4-6 weeks after the administration of this product, the symptom of cardio-cerebrovascular disease such as chest distress, chest pain, dizziness, shortness of breath, swollen stomach, numbness of body were significantly alleviated.

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Aloe Fiber

Tasly Aloe can improve human immune system, improves bowel movement and prevents constipation and helps weight loss.

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Dong Chong Cao

This product that is made from all natural herbal plants can help to regulate our immunity system.

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Margaret Plus

Women need a healthy life with well-balanced hormone levels especially in estrogen. Estrogen is one of the most essential hormones, and playing an important role in women’s life.

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Wild Ginseng Capsule

Tasly wild ginseng capsule contains ginseng element and extraction of Red Ginseng. It successfully increases the value of RH2 in the capsule and makes it more effective.

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Danshen Plus Capsule

Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM),  Danshen Plus Capsule is proved to have effects on protecting coronary heart disease and angina pectoris thus it has protective functions on heart diseases.