24 Hrs Nursing care and geriatric care by qualified staff nurses and medical doctor

24 Hrs Nursing care and geriatric care by qualified staff nurses and medical doctor from ELDERS HOME

By: ELDERS HOME  07-09-2014
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ELDERS Home is not just a care-giving facility but a home sweet home for the aged community. At ELDERS, our residents will have the same feeling of being at home while their children are at work. Those who need daily assistance and/or medical observation, here is a home that doesn’t smell like a hospital. This is their community. Managed by a medical doctor who is passionate on the social well being of the elderly, Elders aim to prolong and increase the quality of life after retirement 乐 龄 之 家 不 仅 提 供 乐 龄 护 理, 它 是 一 个 名 符 其 实 的 温 馨 之 家。在 此, 他 们 感 受 到 "家" 的 关 怀 和 舒 适;医 药 护 理 和 生 活 起 居 将 被 专 业 人 士 安 排 妥 当;好 让 孩 子 们 安 心 去 讨 生 计。 创 办 人 是 位 有 爱 心 和 耐 心 的 医 生;希 望 借 此 让 他 们 享 受 更 精 采,更 有 意 义 的 晚 年 也 缓 馒 老 人 痴 呆 的 降 临。。。 Major services provided: -  Eldercare by registered nurses – day care or 24/7 stay in (short/long term). 专 业 护 士 护 理 - 日 制 或 24/7 住 宿 (短 期 / 长 期)  Daily health monitoring by medical doctor. 每 日 医 生 巡 察 和 检 查  Daily assisted physio exercises. 每 日 物 理 运 动  Dietician approved home cooked meals. 营 养 师 配 搭 的 住 家 饮 食  Indoor and Outdoor activities. 精 采 户 内 外 活 动  In-house laundry services. 衣 物 清 理 服 务 Optional services: -  Orthopedic & Physiotherapist consultation. 骨 骼 专 科 医 生 和 物 理 治 疗 师 门 诊  Hospital/Specialist centre visit assistance. 载 送 医 院 服 务  Dental & Hair dressing services. 牙 科 护 理 和 理 发 服 务  Transportation services. 交 通 设 备 服 务  Medication prescription by in-house doctor. 药 物 护 理

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