IP/Network Camera

IP/Network Camera from Ms Abby

By: Ms Abby  15-09-2009
Keywords: Security Systems, Systems & Services, Security Alarm

 1. Adopting the high-performance and powerful programmable media processor Hi3510, single chip SOC, built-in(ARM+DSP)and hi-speed video protocol processor;
2. Adopting the optimized ABS-H264 video compression arithmetic and realizing the low network bandwidth transmission of clear image easily;
3. Supporting the synchronous browse of 12 users at most;
4. The built-in Web Server can facilitate the user to use the standard IE browser to realize the real-time monitoring and setting management of front-end;
5. Supporting WIFI/802.11b/g wireless network;
6. Provided with SD card slot for the convenience of image local-storage by the user;
7. Image resolution: 640 x 480, 320 x 240;
8. Supporting remote system upgrade;
9. Supporting dynamic domain name explanation, supporting LAN and Internet(ADSL、Cable Modem);
10. Supporting numerous network protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, SMTP, PPPoE, Dynamic DNS, DNS Client, SNTP, BOOTP, DHCP, FTP, SNMP and WIFI/802.11b/g;
11. Supporting bidirectional audio talkback and audio broadcasting;
12. Motion detection and alarming function(the area and sensitivity can be set);
13. Supporting image shielding/image snap shot;
14. Automatic abnormity recovery function, the network can be reconnected after the intermission;
15. Dynamic alarming function, the alarming time and area can be set;
16. 3 hours video can be compressed within 1 G.

Keywords: Alarm System, Burglar Alarm System, Cctv Security, Security Alarm, Security Systems, Systems & Services