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By: StudynPhilippines  12-06-2011
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Who we are: StudynPhilippines is a fast growing educational Group and one of the largest private tertiary institutions in Malaysia and Philippines. Currently, there are six Colleges /universities listed under the Group. Philippines and Malaysia are both internationally recognized in the education hubs and is good alternative countries to obtain internationally recognized degrees awarded by renowned universities. Our students and their parents realize that they can obtain a degree at a fraction cost which translates to a huge savings. The academic quality of Philippines/Malaysia programs is highly recognized by academic institutions worldwide.

What we do:StudynPhilippines is dedicated in providing students with the right universities, not only educate but build their skills for success in the real world.

StudynPhilippines is dedicated to matching each student with the best possible academic program.  Please note that our knowledgeable placement international specialist team works with a full range of colleges and universities across the globe. Our specialists keep shoulder to shoulder of the rapidly changing specializations and trends within each field of study.

No payments go through our company from the student; our reward comes from the university. StudynPhilippines guides the student from start to finish, assuring they are taken care of. We are a straight forward company here, no hanky panky, we care about our reputation. We screen and evaluate the student’s certificates, transcripts and then afterwards they will be directly in contact with the university, but our job does not stop there, we follow each student throughout their studies closely for we have an office on the Philippine campus. The tuition fee for Philippines including visa, housing and utilities is about $6,500.00 U.S.D. Please note that this is the average. It could be less; it could be more depending on the individual and their level of education and desired courses. The tuition fee for our Malaysia universities including visa, housing and utilities is about $10,000.00 U.S.D.but these fees vary. Let me explain; some students might have already completed some required courses by the universities and so, their course duration would be shorter than those who have not completed. Therefore the fee structure will be different,so this is actually based on case to case. This is why we request the student’s transcript first for screening. Soon afterwards a provisional (conditional) offer letter which will state institution tuition fee and comprehensive course chart will follow, if there is a positive result.What we do for you at StudynPhilippines? We guide you while you’re embarking on a learning pathway to impact your future. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or a need of more information, we will be more than happy to attend to you.

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