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Planning for Your Retirement from ING (Insurance/Takaful/Unit Trust)

By: ING (Insurance/Takaful/Unit Trust)  03-06-2011
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Retirement Planning - Is It Too Early for You?

Most of us do not even think about retirement, not to say planning.

Retirement may be a long way off to you. You probably think that there's still got plenty of time for you to save up for it. However, based on your commitments (car loan, home loan, household expenses, child education and etc), can you save enough fund for retirement?

Retirement is not one day, but more like 30 years. Imagine that you live for 30 years without income. Can you still get on with your life as usual?

Saving regularly as soon as you start earning makes it easier to reach your financial goals. Delay in retirement savings not only cost more in the long run, but also may jeopardise your retirement planning.

When you're retired, will your boss continue to pay you bonus every year?

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Does earning more money is the only requirement to retire in luxury? You may be earning a lot of money, but are you saving a lot of money for your future as well?

It's a human nature that when you earn more money, you genarally will spent a little more money to improve the quality of your life. After all, that's what it's all about, right?

However, this lifestyle creep can go too far. This may start out with small stuff, but eventually it turns into bigger stuffs such as bigger house, nicer car and etc. If your income increases but your expenses follows to increase as well, this will often produce a zero net result. Although you're able to earn more, but you're unable to save more. Therefore, earning more money alone doesn't contribute to a better tomorrow.

If you don't increase your savings along with your expenses, you will probably having not enough fund for your retirement. If you don't increase your savings over the years, how can you have enough fund to match your current lifestyle when you're retired? If you don't have enough fund for retirement, you either have to reduce your lifestyle or continue to work. Otherwise, you'll end up broke in your old age.

When It Comes To Retirement,

It Doesn't Matter How Much You Have Earned.

What Will Be Mattered Is How Much You've Saved!

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Keywords: Retirement Planning

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